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Walbro GSS 341 fuel pump

Walbro GSS 341 fuel pump

96,00  *Sisaldab KM

Saadaval järeltellimisel

Flows: 255 liters / h.

Output: 8mm hose connection

Diameter: 39mm

500-550 hp on gasoline

400-450 hp on Ethanol / E85

Flow at 13.5V:

255 liter/h vid 3bar

230 liter/h vid 4bar

208 liter/h vid 5bar

178 liter/h vid 6bar

120 liter/h vid 7bar

In tank pump.

The Walbro high output in-tank electric fuel pumps are available in flow ratings of 255 liters of fuel per hour. These particular pumps flow significantly more fuel at higher pressure. For example, at 80 PSI the standard 255 lph pump will flow around 132 liters (35 gallons) per hour. At that same 80 PSI the equivalent HP (high pressure) fuel pump will flow over 210 liters (50 gallons) per hour.

Walbro in-tank electric fuel pumps utilize a proven gerotor design. The outside dimensions, however, are compact enough to fit existing hanger assemblies, without modification. Coverage includes most popular Acura and Honda, and many other Import applications.

OPTIONAL UNIVERSAL INSTALLATION KIT:  While the pump is available ala carte, installing this pump without adequate virtually pre-filtration guarantees early failure not covered by warranty. Installing this pump with an old filter can lead to similar results. The universal installation kit offered as an upgrade to this pump features one of our depth media filters. This media acts as a wicking mechanism, feeding fuel to the pump even when the filter is only partially submerged. Also included is our GSS wiring harness that allows you to make safe, secure electrical connection to your new pump.


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