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SPD V2 check valve full flow AN6 – AN8 black

SPD V2 check valve full flow AN6 – AN8 black

Suitable for AEM 380L fuel pump

49,65  *Sisaldab KM

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SPD V2 are the latest check valve. These check valves have a completely new construction that differs from everything else on the market. The check valve can handle very high flow and back pressure because of the design of internal components. These check valves are specially designed to handle all fuels and air. The check valve is designed to handle ethanol so internal components have been adapted to this. This is a full flow design that does not limit flow.

SPD full flow check valve can be used were you have several parralell fuel pumps starting in specific order.

This check valve maintain fuel pressure when engine is turned of to shorten crank time.

AN6 – AN8 male thread.

This check valve is full flow.

This check valve makes the car more easy to start as it keeps the fuel pressure when the car is switched off.


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