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Intercooler JRspec 600x300x100mm

Intercooler JRspec 600x300x100mm

JRspec Black Edition is a series of intercoolers showing the highest performance on the market. Their excellent cooling properties are the result of hundreds of hours spent on egine test benches during performance tests of over 40 types of cores. The tests have made it possible to create a unique structure which provides the best cooling properties while maintaining the maximum flows possible. A precisely engineered design guarantees above-average gains in power and torque. Maintenance of as constant and low air temperature possible provides favorable conditions associated with backfiring. which reduces the risk of knocking combustion. A lower temperature in the combustion process gives additional opportunities for achieving higher power while tuning. A well-welded core combined with strong sides ensures great durability of the cooler – all of our coolers have passed additional leak tests at a pressure of 10 bar.

Core dimensions: 600x300x100mm

Overall dimensions: 780x300x100mm (+ fasteners)

Inlet/outlet diameters: 76mm (3″)

Estimated maximum efficiency: 1200KM

Colour: black

257,04  *Sisaldab KM

Intercooler JRspec 600x300x100mm


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