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Hurricane Turbo blanket T25 Titanium

Hurricane Turbo blanket T25 Titanium

81,85  *Sisaldab KM

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This is the absolute top model of turbo blankets.

Hurricane turbo blanket has titanuim fiber fabric on both the inside and the outside. Inside, there is also a stainless steel mesh that creates extra air pockets to allow this turbo blanket to absorb even more heat from the turbo.

The turbo blanket keeps the temperature below the hood low, causing cooler intake air and less power loss.

Also protects nearby hoses, etc. from heat radiation.


Inner width around 45mm

Fits T25 flanged turbine housings or housings with up to about 60mm width


Working temperature 1000 Celsius degrees

Max temperature 1250 Celsius degrees


Hurricane Motorsport


Hurricane Motorsport

Motorsport products and smart solutions for your racing car or enthusiast car. Hurricane supplies products demanded by the customer. With a wide range of fasteners such as V-band and Pusch clips to heat protection and oil systems, the level of funktionalitet and quality has increased within these areas.

Examples of more products include Turbo blanket, exhaust wrap, heat protection sleeve, oil filter relocator and sandwitch adapter to name a few.


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