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Fuel pump 340 silver for E85

Fuel pump 340 silver for E85

Made for ethanol

137,28  *Sisaldab KM

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A rebuilt Walbro GSS340 pump adapted to handle ethanol (E85) and optimized for better flow.

Made for in-tank installations and have good flow and long life when its used with Ethanol.

This fuel pump, of course, works equally well on gasoline.

Flow at 13,5V:

340L/H @ 3bar

310L/H @ 4 bar

275L/H @ 5bar

210L/H @ 6,5bar

Maximum working pressure: 7 bar.

Ranks over 800hp on gasoline and over 600hp on E85.

Outlet female: 8mm barb hose adapter

Diameter: 50mm

Voltage: 12V

2 years full warranty on this fuel pump.


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